2023 grant recipients

GIAS is proud to announce that the following students have been selected to receive research funding as part of our 2023 grant cycle.

The Reinhard Bendix and Allan Sharlin Fellowships

Nicholas Anderman (Geography)
"Investigating Expressive Culture and Port Politics in Southern California"

Diego Aristizabal (Sociology)
"Violence, Neoliberalism, and Legitimacy: Paramilitarism and State Capture in Colombia’s Coffee Growing Region 1991-2016"

Jessica Craigg (Energy and Resources Group)
"Uneven Development, Low-Carbon Energy Transition, and Social Equity in Atlanta, Georgia"

Sarah Sears (History)
"Negotiating Nature: Diplomacy, Community, and Environment in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1880-1950"

The John L. Simpson ABD Research Fellowship in International & Area Studies

Lissett Bastidas (History)

Pascale Boucicaut (Anthropology)
"Assembling ‘Spirited’ Things: The Collection and Circulation of Haiti’s Sacred Objects in the Early Twentieth Century"

Jordan Brown (Anthropology)
"Rivers of Yesterday and Tomorrow: Anthropocene Waterscapes in Northern Mesopotamia"

Juan Campos (Political Science)
"The Politics of Police Reform and Organized Crime: Evidence from Mexico"

Gustavo Capela (Anthropology)
"Waterfront Futures: Tracing Responses to Climate Change in Port Harcourt, Nigeria"

Keoni Correa (Rhetoric)
"Islands Between Empires: Japanese and American Empire and the Making of the Modern Pacific"

Aparajita Das (History)
"Perfecting Crop, Perfecting Empire: An Environmental History of Cash-crops in Mughal India (1580-1790)"

Britt Dawson (Anthropology)
"Somos Musulmanes: Building Muslim Communities at the U.S.-Mexico Border"

Taryn Fransen (Energy and Resources Group)
"Explaining Variation in Climate Pledging Behavior Under the Paris Agreement"

Londiwe Gamedze (English)
"Reverberations of a South African Black Radical Tradition: Women’s Textual Perspectives on Black Consciousness and Shifting Political Subjectivity in the Anti-Apartheid Struggle (1960-1990)"

Matthew Kovac (History)
"'One Struggle: A Global History of the Irish Republican Movement, 1969-1994"

Annabel LaBrecque (History)
"Salt of the Earth: Unsettled Histories of the North American Interior"

Lily Medina Jara (Political Science)
"Outsourcing Coercion: The Emergence of Vigilance Associations in Colombia"

Cristina Méndez (Education)
"At Tipumal Qyol: Mam Language Revitalization and Coalition Across the Hemisphere"

Gwyneth Miner (Economics)
"Encouraging Urban Migration with Conditional Unemployment Benefits"

Vanessa Navarro Rodríguez (Political Science)
"Contentious Politics & the Mapuche in Chile"

Thomas Oommen (Architecture)
"Houses of Labor: Dwelling, Middling Experts and Oceanic Architectural Cultures on the Malabar Coast (1970-2022)"

Jennifer Silver (Anthropology)
"Poetics of Indonesian Domestic Work Migration in Singapore"

Christine Theunissen (History of Art)
"Mirror Effects: Figuration, Fragmentation, and Globality in Moroccan, Mexican, and US Modern Art"

Eva Vaillancourt (History)
"Red Light, Green Light: Traffic and the Twilight of the British World Order, 1880 to 1960"

Valentina Viktorovskaia (History)
"Empire’s Jews: From Russian Periphery to British Mandatory Palestine"

Liubing Xie (City and Regional Planning)
"Floating and Fixing: Governing Migrant Population through Differentiated Rental Housing Schemes in Guangzhou, China"

Oren Yirmiya (Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
"The Other('s) Lyric: Piyyut, Agency, and Alterity in 20th Century Hebrew and Yiddish Poetry,"

The John L. Simpson Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship in International & Area Studies

Yasyn Abdullaev (History)
"Destructive Doctrines: Conspiracy Mythology and State Politics in Russia, 1789–1848"

Mango Jane Angar (Political Science)
"Census, Disability, and the African State"

Erica Anjum (City and Regional Planning)
"The Ephemeral City Property, Power, and Climate Adaptation at the Fringe of American Empire"

Karthika Baiju (Design)
"Designing for the After-life of Computational Artifacts and Interfaces to Create New Conversations about Sustainability"

William Carter (Geography)
"Sequentially theorising the route from the interior to the slave ship"

Dimitri Diagne (History)

Anamaya Farthing-Kohl (Art Practice)
"Tectonic Testimony"

Pranav Kuttaiah (City and Regional Planning)

Sehee Lee (Anthropology)
"Precarious Citizenship in the Global High-Tech Centers: A Multi-Sited Ethnography of Silicon Valley and Pangyo Techno Valley"

J'Anna Lue (Civil and Environmental Engineering)"Towards a Reparative Engineering: Infrastructural Violence and Climate Precarity in the Afterlife of Slavery"

Margaret Morlan (Romance Languages and Literatures)
"Metalinguistic Evaluations of Transgressive Public Messages in 40 Catalan Municipalities"

Vincent Pacheco (South and Southeast Asian Studies)
"The Aesthetics of Community: The People, State Power, Memory, and Postcoloniality in Southeast Asian Cinema"

Clara Pérez Medina (Geography)
"Transnational Rememberings: U.S.-Venezuelan Migrants and the Making of Race and Space"

Jenny Pham (History)
"Delaying Defeat, Appealing to America: The Republic of Vietnam’s Woes in the Eleventh Hour"

Chloe Prendergast (Political Science)

Brandon Pundamiera (Landscape Architecture and City Planning)
"Lo-TEK Water: Atog Bisayan Fish Traps of the Philippines"

Deibi Sibrian (Environmental Science, Policy, & Management)
"BitCoin City: The Socio-Ecological Impacts of El Salvador's Crypto-Electric-Plantations"

Eylem Taylan (Sociology)
"The Politics of Crisis: Interimperial Rivalry and Labor Militancy at the Port of Piraeus"

Ooha Uppalapati (City and Regional Planning)

Mira Wasserman (History)
"The Indigenous Caribbean: Historicizing the Twentieth Century Taíno Movement within the Initial Spanish Colonization of the Greater Caribbean"

Antony Wood (History)
"Colour Prejudice in the Medieval Sahel"

Tessa Wood (Comparative Literature)
"Between Enslavement and Epistemic Emancipation: Narratives of Education and Violence in Brazil"

Carlotta Wright de la Cal (History)
"Transnational Indigeneity and Cross-Border Citizenship: The World of Railway Workers across the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1880s-1945"

Kamya Yadav (Political Science)
"Women in State Level Indian Politics"