2022 grant recipients

GIAS is proud to announce that the following students have been selected to receive research funding as part of our 2022 grant cycle.

The Reinhard Bendix and Allan Sharlin Fellowships

Gisselle Perez-Leon (History)
"Border Civics: Race, Gender, and the Right to the City in Nogales, Sonora, 1918-1965"

Liubing Xie (City & Regional Planning)
"Floating and Fixing: Governing Migrant Population through Differentiated Rental Housing Schemes in Guangzhou, China"

Brie McLemore (Jurisprudence and Social Policy)
"The Illumination of Power: The History of Street Lighting"

The John L. Simpson ABD Research Fellowship in International & Area Studies

Alli Appelbaum (City and Regional Planning)
"Managing Urban Inequality: Global Private Security Industry and Everyday Life from Johannesburg and Delhi"

Michael Bakal (Education)
"Rebuilding Relations: Indigenous Solutions for Climate Change Resilience in Guatemala’s Dry Corridor"

Jennie Barker (Political Science)
"Standing up for Democracy? Democracy Promotion under Emerging Multipolarity"

Andrew Blinkinsop (Political Science)
"The Limits of Elite Influence on Public Opinion of Foreign Policy"

Griffin Brunk (Jurisprudence and Social Policy)
"Navigating by Different Rules: Lives Within Atypical Forms of Slavery"

Tara Chandra (Political Science)
"Untangling Conflict Dynamics: Explaining Insurgent Behavior Toward Civilians"

Bonnie Cherry (Jurisprudence and Social Policy)
"Sacrifice, Security, and Law: Legalized Securitization of Indian Country"

Amanda Chung (Public Health)
"Integration and Sustainability of the Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision Program in Zimbabwe"

Rusana Cieply (Anthropology)
"The Quest for Land: Imagining the Future in the Russian Far East"

Nicholas Depsky (Energy & Resources Group)
"Assessing Links between Climate Hazards and Human Displacement and Priorities for Global Migration Governance in the Era of Climate Change"

Darius Gordon (Education)
"'We, on the other side': Black Internationalism in the Lusophone World, 1950s-1980s"

Elizabeth Löwe Hunter (African American Studies)
"Race, Place, and Constructions of Difference in Denmark"

Gabriel Lesser (Hispanic Languages & Literatures)
"Caricaturing the Nation: Race, Social Sciences, and Nation Building in Nineteenth-century Mexico and Brazil"

Antonia Mardones Marshall (Sociology)
"Who Counts as Black? Classification Struggles and the Legal Recognition of Afrodescendants in Argentina and Chile"

Pol Fité Matamoros (Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning)
"Fascist Spatial Imaginaries: Race, Empire, and the Making of a “National Community” Under the Francoist Regime"

Sloane Nilsen (History)
"Nazi Nights: A Time of Spectacle and Terror (1933-1939)"

Catherine Park (Education)
"Global Aspirations For and By Whom?: Transnational Developments of K-12, Mandarin-English Dual-immersion Schooling"

Benjamin Siegel (Anthropology)
"The Environmental Legacy of European Sugar Planting in the Caribbean"

Sarah Sears (History)
"Negotiating Nature: An Environmental History of the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1848-1994"

Vicente Tinoco Ochoa (Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning)
"Trade-offs of Hydropower Dam Development in Ecuador from a Perspective on Sediments"

Emily Wang (History)
"Alternative Visions of Sovereignty in the Autonomous Regions of Tang China"

Jonathan Wu (Music)
"Sonic Infrastructures and Music as a Form of Capital in Contemporary China-Kenya Relations"

Oren Yirmiya (Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
"The Other('s) Lyric: Piyyut, Agency, and Alterity in 20th Century Hebrew and Yiddish Poetry,"

The John L. Simpson Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship in International & Area Studies

Franchesca Araujo (African American Studies)

Aparajita Das (History)
"Rights, Work, and the Environment: Political Ecology in Mughal North India (1570-1760)"

Dimitri Diagne (History)
"Farmers and Planners: Contesting Agricultural Development in Late Colonial Senegal"

Adrian North (History)
"Rethinking South Asian Diasporas: The Origins of South Asian Migration to Britain 1919-45"

Calvin Paulson (History)
"Carrying the Sea on their Backs: The Uganda Railway and Kenya’s Indian Ocean Legacies"

Kimberly Yu (History of Art)
"Art in De/militarized Zones: Artists' Responses to Okinawa and the Korean DMZ"